Welcome to Lead Gen 2.0

Once upon a time, collecting a name and email address were considered marketing triumphs. 

We don't rate those things as marketing wins at all.

We believe in lead generation that collects the most meaningful, impactful insights possible. Information that is data driven and game-changing to businesses like yours. Information that quite literally tells you everything you could ever imagine about a perfect prospect, and in ways that leaves them feeling excited to connect with you. 

Now that's, marketing.

Safe hands.

Considering building a ScoreApp Scorecard with a little bit of extra support?

Building a custom scorecard for your business is likely to be one of the best marketing decisions you've made in a while, and luckily for you - we can be your secret weapon. Creating the perfect scorecard marketing asset that generates qualified leads on autopilot is a fine blend of art and science, and we have a proven track record in getting that mix just right.

400K+ Leads generated globally

We've run about every kind of campaign you can think of, across digital and print to help clients achieve unique and significant marketing and advertising goals.

Campaigns driven across 5 continents

It's one thing to be good at what you do at a local level, but when you have deep experience successfully communicating to markets everywhere... now that's rare.

Diverse industry veterans

We have worked with everyone - SMEs, household name sporting brands, national governments, celebrities and even Fortune 100 companies.

Unrivalled experience.

True expertise is worth its weight in gold.

Industry leading organisations from around the world are lining up to work with LeadFlow and leverage state-of-the-art ScoreApp Scorecard lead gen technology. The targeted marketing assets we build and the campaigns we run alongside them are shifting the marketing goal-posts, drastically in favour of our clients.


We really do do this better than anyone. Numbers don't lie.

When it comes to ScoreApp's Scorecard technology, we have the perfect score. We're yet to build a scorecard that hasn't succeeded in generating highly qualified leads.

How does it work? 

Keepin' it simple with three, tailored options.

Working with us is really easy. Depending on what your goals are and how you're trying to get there, we have three key packages to suit your needs. All three are designed to help you create the perfect marketing asset to make sure that you can generate data-rich leads and showcase that you're an industry leader.

Option I: The Reboot Package


Do you have a ScoreApp Scorecard already but finding it's not quite doing what you hoped? We can help with this. Sometimes, scorecards are fantastic on the 'backend' with their categories, questions and insights, but missing the right bit of marketing dazzle on the front end. We're great at turning this around and fast!

Option II: The Fundamental Package


Ideal if you've just signed up with ScoreApp - or are about to and would like the right help to get your best foot forward so you can get leads pouring in. We'll strategise a key theme for you, design, write and build your entire scorecard as well as give you a copy of our proprietary 'Activation Manual' to help you leverage your high-powered marketing tool to the max.

Option III: The Head-Start Package


You're looking to not just have a high-power ScoreApp Scorecard, but you also want the tools and resources that'll help you get going with ads. So we'll strategise themes, design, write and build you your entire scorecard and also give you an advertising pack to get you started. It comes with ad copy, designed visual creatives ready to go and the 'Facebook Ready Dossier' - which is a tailor made Facebook targeting blueprint created just for you. We'll then hand the keys over and you'll be set to go!

Option IV: The Special Package


Not only are you looking to build the perfect lead generation asset, you want to plug in a 24/7 specialist direct response marketing team to drive campaigns for you once the scorecard is written, designed and beautifully built. This package is not for every business and we have set criteria as to who we accept into this service. But if you're ready for it, this is the one that'll help you take the island.

Would we be right for you? 

Take our very own scorecard - it'll help you see if we'd be an asset to you.

Our scorecard is a completely non-biased tool that we've designed to help you work out if not only a scorecard is right for you, but if we're the right fit to help you create and promote one.

Only takes 2-4 minutes

It's free

Perfectly helpful if you're unsure

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