We're ScoreApp specialists all that we do is design, build and scale beautiful, functional, fast-growth quiz marketing assets
for ScoreApp customers.


The quality of our work and the results that we produce have always been the cornerstone of our brand. Our award winning team of marketing experts have a pristine track record for generating qualified leads and driving impactful sales for companies all over the planet. 

The passion we have for being an exemplary service provider and delivering outstanding results is what consistently earns us the opportunity to work with exciting brands like these:


Mark Simpson | Boostly

"As soon as I started talking to LeadFlow™ I knew that they were the right company. 

They took care of everything. Total hands off. The end results is phenomenal and I couldn't be prouder."

In November of 2022, Mark's book; Book Direct was in the top 10% of all books sold globally. 


This is our story in a nutshell:

We're an award winning team of marketing maniacs who have spent 10+ years at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, driving targeted leads and assisting in the optimisation of critical sales processes that run behind all great brands. The results that we've been able to produce for our clients globally in that time is what we've been able to build our success as a niche agency around – and we're really proud of that.

Over the years as we tracked the trajectory of where lead gen was headed – especially as the pandemic hit, we could see that the future of marketing and sales had to be data-driven, intimate, and geared towards creating sensationally valuable insights for audiences in order to keep them engaged.

It was clear to us that the noise in all of our markets was going to rise, brand-blindness was going to get worse and businesses would have to find more effective ways to cut through it all.   

The solution in our minds appeared in the form of quizzes, scorecards and assessment based tools that in large part could be powered by AI. So we set about building that solution, specifically by way of leveraging ScoreApp to engineer lead generation machines and sales enabling assets that audiences who occupy every industry and niche around the world would gravitate towards.

We've generated over 30,000 highly niched, quiz specific leads for businesses.

Our quizzes have produced over 1 million unique data points for our clients.

We have a 100% success rate for building quizzes that produce targeted leads.

On aggregate we've invested over £30 million in strategic ad campaigns.

Campaigns we've designed and run have produced over 8 figures in sales internationally.

Businesses we support range from Fortune 100 companies to SMEs and global franchises.



Key Considerations

Do It Yourself


Tailor made content that's produced to brand spec and IP requirements

Intricate research, copywriting & design work all inclusive

Building a quiz that functions, is attractive to your audience and works as both a marketing and sales asset has many moving pieces, ones that require equal measure of strategy, design, research and expertise to do properly. 

It's important that who you hire can manage those pieces with their eyes closed – this is why we're ScoreApp's go-to trusted partner for their customers.

End-to-end expertise from strategy all the way to design

Turn-key, handheld process from start to finish

Dynamic results to create the ultimate experience

Outsourced cheaply or basic service offering


We don't simply build quizzes – we actually pioneered an entire methodology around engineering them that hasn't skipped a beat yet.

Our SPEED™ Methodology has helped us on our mission to be prolific and effective at strategising, designing and launching quiz, scorecard and assessment based AI tools that actually work.



John Patrick Morgan | Creating

John came to us at the end of 2021 with his unique scorecard project. 

Together, we worked side-by-side getting to know his business, researching his very niche field and subsequently building a unique and in-depth lead generation tool: The Ultimate Creator Calculator.


We have a comprehensive service with a lot of moving pieces. We're happy to run you through any and all questions on a call as well as explain everything in our brochure. But for the meantime, this should help: 

What are your prices?

Our prices range from £5k and over dependent on the level of support you require from our team. We run an intricate, often complex service that currently no other agency offers. Whilst we may be the go-to supplier for ScoreApp we're also heavily committed to delivering the most extravagantly value packed service possible despite having no competition.

Do I have to work with LeadFlow to get good results?

Of course not – if you have at least basic design and copy skills plus a solid level of critical thinking then you'll be able to translate that into a workable quiz on ScoreApp. Better yet, ScoreApp has an ever-growing stockpile of purpose-built templates that can help you get off the ground and running quickly.

Can LeadFlow support my niche/industry though?

Absolutely – we've built scorecards across a vast range of industries for all sorts of business types. Furthermore, as a team we have worked with clients in scores of unique sectors throughout 5 continents with businesses that have ranged from Fortune 100 companies, to solo-preneur, SME, celebrity and well-known sporting franchises.

Where is LeadFlow based?

We're a British company with a small team based in the UK, Australia and the US. We have always operated as a 'borderless' business and have built our systems and operations to be able to easily communicate and manage projects in far flung corners of the globe and between team members who need to work together seamlessly without the barriers of things like timezones. 

How long does it take you to build out a quiz?

End to end it can take up to 8 weeks to complete your project as the volume of strategic planning, design work, copywriting and platform customisation is significant and impressive. However, with quick collaboration throughout the early phases of the project and responses to questions, Looms and reviews, our team can often complete full builds much earlier than expected which is always makes for a great experience.

How does the advertising component work for The Special Package?

The advertising piece always comes at the very end once the full build is complete, tests are run and we have a working quiz that's purpose build for 'cold traffic'. Once we're good to launch we'll ensure we have the access and permissions to get set up and once live it'll be a highly involved management campaign that our team will be monitoring 24/7 with your allocated ad budget to ensure we're driving best possible performance. We track and report on everything and you will have complete access to campaign performance and team notes in real-time.

Is there much involvement required from our end?

There is some back and forth required that'll involve our team taking you through onboarding and liaising as appropriate – particularly in the early phases of the build. We have simple processes and methods in place to handle the collaboration components which our clients often commend us for. 

Do we get ongoing support? 

The different packages we offer to have varying levels of support available for our clients, however every single client always goes away with a tonne of resources and insights that will guide them on their journey towards making their quiz a success. Beyond that, ScoreApp has its own dedicated library of resources that usually fills in any gaps. All in all though we're a dedicated bunch committed to creating exceptional results. We're very accessible and always on hand to lend appropriate support and advice even long after a completed project – we're always just an email away.


If you've come this far down the page, chances are you may be undecided as to what to do next. Let us help you with 3 easy options that'll help you decide where to go from here: 


Not sure? Get a free assessment first.

Making sure you're really a good fit for a quiz marketing strategy to align with your brand is a good first step if you're not entirely certain. Believe it not... there's a quiz for that – it's really helpful, rich with insights and most importantly – it's honest.


Give it a good go yourself.

If you're tech-savvy and have a good marketing skillset, you can build out a quiz by yourself. To help you do that, you can check out this training and access a free trial for ScoreApp to build your quiz.


Get expert support.

Remove all of the guesswork and the 60 odd hours of heavy lifting (assuming you know what you're doing) and get a masterpiece of a quiz that will suit your business perfectly.